Parma Vecchia, the new range of beers is now available on the market

Parma Vecchia is born!  The new range of unfiltered and unpasteurized beers is ready for its launch on the mass distribution circuit.

Parma Vecchia range is comprised of Lager, Amber and IPA, three different styles of beers adaptable to every type of taste.


Parma Vecchia Lager is a light, easy to drink, balanced and elegant beer. Its low gradation (4.5% ABV) makes it suitable also for those people who are not familiar with craft beer tastes.

Parma Vecchia Amber (5.4% ABV) is a classic, discreet and refined beer, perfect for lovers of malted flavors.

Parma Vecchia IPA (6,0% alc./vol) is a golden beer with a modern, aromatic and captivating taste, ideal for lovers of bitterness and hops.

Parma Vecchia is aimed at a general public, thrilled for craft beers but open to new taste experiences

The strong recognition of Birrificio del Ducato brand is given by the classic 33 cl bottle used for the traditional lines. It merges perfectly with a new label representing the most historical area of Parma City: Piazza Duomo, the Dome and the Baptistery. A representation that is more than a simple dedication to the Italian Capital of Gastronomy, UNESCO World Heritage:

“Parma Vecchia beers express the values of a territory that has always been suited to good taste, art and music. Lager, Amber and IPA: three beers created to be paired with the gastronomy specialties of Parma, able to meet the needs of the most refined palates, “said Giovanni Campari, founder and brew master of Birrificio del Ducato. “Parma is the epicenter of the Italian Food Valley and one of the destinations with the highest number of typical products protected by quality marks in Italy. We are born within this territory completely dedicated to food traditions that inevitably condition our beers: for us who come from Parma the culture of good food is a primary need, it is part of our daily life and therefore we take very seriously what we eat and we drink.”

Parma Vecchia will be available on the italian market from October 2018.

For more infos, visit the website dedicated to Parma Vecchia!