Steam Beer - 4.5% alc./vol
Beyond the usual beers, the frontier of the lager: easy to drink, hard to forget



Golden yellow

Malted (Sweet, Honey and Caramel)

Steam Beer (also known as California Common) were the classic beers associated with the city of San Francisco and the Bay Area at the time of the Gold Rush. These beers were brewed with low fermentation yeasts, but because the breweries of the time were not equipped with refrigeration systems to cool the wort during fermentation, the yeast worked at much higher temperatures than usual, giving rise to fruity scents unusual for a normal lager beer.

Beers like these, with some exceptions, have practically disappeared while the only beer that does not seem to know the crisis are the IPA, but now have become a monothematic excessive and research on hops. If the beers are simple but without an arrogant character of exotic hops are definitely to be forgotten.

Here the desire to produce a beer from the very simple recipe: pilsner malt (with a small percentage of corn to make the body more fluent), German Spalter hop and lager yeast fermented at high temperature. A beer blatantly simple, delicate and deliberately against the fashions trend of the moment.


 In the glass, to the nose and in the mouth …

California Sun is the beer that everyone likes, but that leaves no one indifferent: it has light floral notes, hints of corn and citrus fruit peel. Light-bodied, it has a dry and clean finish: a beer very fresh, simple but not banal, easy to drink but also rich in taste.



24 bottles pack, 6 bottles pack