Dark Strong Ale - 8% alc./vol
To all those who still hold dreams and will never cease to search for the happiness they deserve



Dark brown

Malted (Sweet, Honey and Caramel)


Roasted (Cacao, Caffè, Liquirizia)

Perfecting this beer was certainly challenging. Countless variations were jettisoned before arriving at the refined version we are proud to brew today. The current Chimera is most easily compared to a Belgian Dark Strong Ale. I travelled frequently in Belgium as a young man and I always enjoyed very much its beers. Today’s Chimera resembles those beers that awakened a lifelong fascination with the creation of this wonderful drink. It is like following an illusion we fell in love with a long time ago leaving us with the realization that when we pursue our dreams the immortality of spirit is found. This beer is very complex and lends itself very well to aging; the best surprises I got from Chimera bottles stored at room temperature for more than 3 years, where the corners were rounded, the fruit emerged with great class and tertiarization (oxidation) of the malts caramels brought sumptuousness: really a drink of other times!


 In the glass, to the nose and in the mouth …

This is a top fermented beer which undergoes a secondary fermentation in bottle. It draws inspiration from the great Belgian Abbey beers. With the color of a friar’s robe, it has aromas of caramel and alcohol preserved fruit (pear, plum and morel) with light roasts. The mouth is warm and complex with an unexpected dry finish that makes drinking easier.

 Suggested pairings:

Beef stew, broiled pork and semi- cured raw-milk cheeses.


20 bottles pack, 4 bottles pack, 6 bottles pack

Temperatura servizio

From + 8°C to + 12°C

Temperatura conservazione

Temperatura ambiente