Sour Ale with raspberry - 8% alc./vol
The vibrant acidity and the scent of raspberries:my sour dream

Sour Ale with raspberry - 8% alc./vol
The vibrant acidity and the scent of raspberries:my sour dream







Aging in wooden barrels

The idea of this beer comes from a previous collaboration with Sebastian Sauer (Braustelle, Freigeist, The Monarchy) during a visit to our brewery in October 2013. Sebastian is a young Brewer Cologne, eclectic and imaginative. Since both go crazy for sour beers, our partnership could not go in other direction. Both wanted to use raspberries: as a basis Sebastian had hypothesized a sort of Berliner Weiss fermented with lactic acid bacteria, but I want ferment the wort directly into the wood (as I do for the Chrysopolis). In the end we decided to opt for a compromise: fermentation directly in the barrel with a small addition of lactic acid bacteria. The inoculum of lactic acid bacteria was done after a few days, just when the fermentation was starting spontaneously. After 6 months, the beer was removed from the barrel and set to mature in a vat where they were added raspberries and young beer. These additions promote a second fermentation, the convection currents that are generated increased exchanges between fruit and liquid, In addition raspberries make a characteristic harshness vegetal. Past three months on the raspberries, the blend is ready to be put into barrels or bottled.

In the glass, to the nose and in the mouth … Frambozschella shows a beautiful red-pink color, with shades of red raspberry, slightly opalescent, and a moderate carbonation. At the nose is very complex and very inviting with its scents of raspberry and wild red berries, has a bouquet of scents rather varied and attractive: raspberry, red currant, wild strawberry, horse blanket, kefir, cellar, rust. The taste reveals his mitigated lactic acid, however, by the character of Brett. The great peculiarity of this beer is its scary drinkability, which shows its balanced, despite the considerable complexity and character so decided.


12 bottles pack