WEST COAST IPA - 5.2% alc./vol
A surfing on the West Coast hops, dreaming of endless summer

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Golden yellow

Malted (Sweet, Honey and Caramel)


Hopped (Bitter, Herbaceous, Peppery)

In many sports the Free ride is pure fun, the sense of freedom, spiritual communion with nature and open spaces: in a word the unconditional joy.

Freeride is the evolution of our old IPA, with some features in common and the same spirit of freedom. The hop is the absolute protagonist of this beer, she is our recurring dream, our dependence and our care. Cause and the end of many of our troubles, as in the circle of time we always come back to linger on her.

We want to touch the heart and soul, we want to get lost in its scents, we want to merge with her.

As love inflames the heart and turning the desire for the beloved object gives torments to the lover, so also our longings for the hop will find redemption from the worries every time we will try to get close to her lips.


 In the glass, to the nose and in the mouth …

Aromas of mango and tropical fruits, grapefruit and bitter orange, the balsamic and the educated contribution of malt: this is poetry liquid, enjoyment to the last drop. Its color is pale orange. Its foam is white and very persistent, is full of noble resins of hops on the West Coast, full of wisdom.

Temperatura conservazione

From + 4°C to + 18°C

Temperatura servizio

+ 6°C / + 8°C