Single Hop IPA - 5.4% alc./vol
Only one malt and a single hop. The supreme law of the IPA



Pale orange

Malted (Sweet, Honey and Caramel)

Hopped (Bitter, Herbaceous, Peppery)

After tasting many single hop IPA full of malts and caramels little grace, I decided that was time at this challenge. But the idea was start from two different assumptions: first, I wanted a session beer (a low alcohol beer), on the other side I wanted to use a single type of mal. As malt I chose the prince of English floor malt: the Maris Otter, notes of fantastic bread, fragrant and tasty. No need for tricks when you want to talk about only the raw materials, so a single malt (Maris Otter on fact), one yeast (US-05, strain ale very popular and rather neutral) and of course a single hop. This beer will always be produced in limited quantities and will be available only seasonally and every time we use a different hop varieties. The name of the Supreme Ratio signifies the supreme law of the IPA, the summa ratio which gives rise to everything.


In the glass, to the nose and in the mouth …

High fermentation beer, a mix of recurrent and unique characteristics dates from the always different type of hops used. Pale amber in the glass, with plenty tiny foam. On the palate gives way to a light biscuit (characteristic of the malt used), and then come the sensations given by the hops. The hop character is each time given by the particular variety used in purity.


24 bottles pack, 6 bottles pack

Temperatura conservazione

From + 4°C to + 18°C

Temperatura servizio

tra +6 e +18°C


Da luglio a settembre (sino ad esaurimento)