IMPERIAL STOUT - 8.2% alc./vol
Dedicated to the hearts of the oppressed in which still lives and burns the fire of relentless freedom.




Malted (Sweet, Honey and Caramel)


Roasted (Cacao, Caffè, Liquirizia)

Dedicating one of our beers to Giuseppe Verdi was a must since our microbrewery is located in Roncole Verdi, the composer’s birth place. When I returned from my first visit to New York City I decided to create a beer that would be superior in elegance, balance and drinkability to all those stout varieties I had overseas. Although the initial recipe has changed, the very first batch matched my vision. Its uniqueness lays in the use of chili pepper which combines very well with the beer’s chocolate aroma. The hot finish also lightens its full bodied mouth by awakening the palate. Verdi Imperial Stout is the first Italian craft beer to have ever been crowned with a gold medal in its category at an International beer contest. In 2008 it ranked first at The European Beer Star in the Imperial Stout category


 In the glass, to the nose and in the mouth…

Top fermented beer which is subjected to a secondary fermentation in bottle. It is deep dark ebony in colour with a cappuccino head. The nose has aromas of chocolate, licorice, coffee grounds and tobacco with alcohol nuances. Its full bodied, long lasting, smooth and dry mouth is followed by a surprisingly hot finish that breaks its initial fullness and makes you crave more! It is suitable for aging.

Suggested pairings:

Chocolate desserts, fine pastries and soft cheese like Gorgonzola. It is a beer to meditate on.

Temperatura conservazione

From + 4°C to + 18°C

Temperatura servizio

From + 10°C to + 18°C