Session IPA - 3.5% alc./vol
He came in one morning in early spring bringing joy and freshness in the world



Golden yellow


Hopped (Bitter, Herbaceous, Peppery)

This beer I decided to brewer the first time to celebrate the birth of my daughter Victoria, in March of 2010.

As often happens, you fall in love easily with a new beer, especially if you go to fill a void that was there in our lives. So we decided to continue to produce it, of course, the recipe has gradually been modified and is now a magnificent light and refreshing session beer.

The style of reference is the great family of the IPA, but it is a Session Beer (the term Light may appear as a devaluing) of only 3.5% Alc. fairly hoppy. It is a beer played on a very delicate balance, to drink in large quantities because it doesn’t get tired, refresh but expecially satisfies the body and spirit.

A tribute to the illusion of eternal youth, the beauty of the flower that must be seized before it withers.



In the glass, to the nose and in the mouth …

The colour is pale yellow with greenish reflexes and the foam is white. The aroma is deep but discreet, fine and elegant. Strong herbal notes, fruity and floral reminiscent of green tea, cedar, lemon and orange blossom orange. The taste is very clean, a sweet entry just mentioned and then an anthology of feelings quick but precise, all scents return with a closing bitter but not very persistent and a good flavor. The body is naturally slight.



24 bottles pack, 6 bottles pack

Temperatura conservazione

From + 4°C to + 18°C

Temperatura servizio

From + 6°C to + 8°C