Happy Saison - 4.2% alc./vol
Fascinating and unpredictable, perverse and irresistible: a true Femme Fatale



Golden yellow



Hopped (Bitter, Herbaceous, Peppery)

Historically Saison beers were created to refresh farm workers returning from the fields, light beers and very dry. They were popular in Wallonia between nineteenth and twentieth century, and they were considered real ” daily beers”, produced in a very rustic way but not to be sold for consumption. In the past, we have witnessed the revival of this style at the global level (in the United States there are several breweries producing only this type of beer), the Saison has become gradually more and more alcoholic, laden with spices or ultra hopped. What has been lost sight of it was precisely the origin of the Saison, the reason why have been invented and produced for centuries: their nature invigorating and refreshing.

In memory of those I created the Violent Femme: a beer to drink with the body more than the mind. Not give rise to speculations complicated or bold intellectuals conjectures, is pure pleasure: charm, beauty and joy of life.

I remember that in the summer, when I get home after a long day of work and the sun is not still completely set, often I drink on the balcony and watch the hills and the sky turns pink, red and orange. She is always with me in those moments: the violent femme who tore my heart.



In the glass, to the nose and in the mouth …

In her there is the grace of summer, the scent of candied citrus and peppery notes, crispy minty and balsamic fragrance. Two types of pepper are used in the recipe but gently, just enough to enrich the complexity of a beer that remains simple and elegant.

It’s a very easy beer but at the same time seductive, taken at the right time gives great emotions and great pleasure.


24 bottles pack, 6 bottles pack

Temperatura conservazione

From + 4°C to + 18°C

Temperatura servizio

From + 6°C to + 8°C